Writing your resume summary and profile is a very important highlighting part of your resume. It needs a complete perfection to highlight the best out of you. These are some of the points to consider writing the resume summary and profile.

Quantifying your achievements and experience

Quantify every achievement or experience with your education and work profile. For example, you have “managed 50 junior staffs” instead of writing “managed staff at Global Tech”. You have managed a project with a valuation of $1 Million instead of writing “managed …… projects”. This helps the employers to better understand your experience and achievements. For writing a better resume about your profile you can contact at Vistaresume. They are the industry experts in writing and designing resumes.

Short and life experience specific summary

Your summary in your resume is very important to highlight a brief story about yourself. Be specific about highlighting the importance of your career goals and achievements. This is a vital portion of your resume. The summary should be small, if it is longer then it gets boring in the eyes of the recruiter or HR. It depends on you how you want to tell the story to your employer and what story you want to highlight.

Education and Job Specific

Your profile and summary should be completely highlighting your education and experience. It should not highlight where you live or what is your interest such as swimming, running or music. No one reads about your interests in your profile summary. It might give a negative impact if you write your resume wrong. You must summarize your education background, training, experience and major awards related to your experience.

Highlighting Area of Expertise (Designing your Resume)

Area of expertise is also an important part of your summary or profile. You must highlight what expertise you have and in what field you are interested. The experience expertise and interested expertise can be same or different based on your preference. If you want a complete change in your profile then you must show an interlink between the two and why you want to opt for the change.

Use of Profile highlighter

Profile highlighter is great way to make your resume attractive summarizing your complete profile in a visual way. You can highlight some of the attractive achievements in your highlighter. Some of the features that you can highlight in your resume are as follows: If you want this kind of resume designed kindly contact VistaResume.


Profile Highlighter

  • Age
  • Years of Experience
  • Awards
  • Projects
  • Clients
  • Software Knowledge
  • Training or Certification