Want a better chance of landing that interview? It seems that meeting the qualifications isn’t enough to even get a foot in the door anymore. We all have been there. Searching for all the job websites and finding that one dream job that fits perfectly. Some people barely meet the minimum requirements while others are more than meet the criteria. Yet, we still apply with a little ounce of hope that maybe, just maybe… they will contact back with interest. Let’s be honest, that is not often the case.

After spending days and sometimes weeks working on the application with phone inquiries or emails, we hope for some kind of response. It’s a crushing thought that after spending valuable time to apply for your dream job, your application gets thrown into the pile of other rejected souls.

With unemployment at its rise and the competition of capable adults from three generations competing for the same jobs, it’s not a shock that recruiters receive more than enough interested applicants within a day of posting a position. So what works anymore? How can we get a step extra ahead of everyone?


Of course your experience, skills, and education matters. However, with the rising competition of other applicants who outweigh you, how do we make them consider you over them? What will make you shine?


Here are some traditional and new ideas/techniques on getting an extra step into that interview table.


  1. Make your Resume and CV look absolutely Attractive.

    Technique: Design the ultimate Resume/CV
    Try: VistaResume.comWhy wait for the interview to show just how classy and professional you are? Make your Resume/CV stand out using a design that shines a light on your experience and skills. Employers are bored of the typical dull resumes they receive all the time. Not tech savvy enough to create something better? Then get a template that speaks volumes or better yet, pays a little extra to have a professional do it for you.

    Our resume service at Visa Resume offers amazing and cheap services in helping create and design that special resume and CV for you. Check out VistaResume

  2. It’s not What you Know but also Who you Know.

    Technique: Network with friends, family, and old affiliations
    Try Linkedin or Facebook Groups.Often, people are getting their jobs because of connections. Don’t be swayed if you think you aren’t well connected. Your network is filled based on all the schools you’ve attended from Elementary to College. Also, reach out to past co-workers, family, and friends. Everyone is established to a certain point to connect to other networks. Digging deep isn’t even necessary anymore with social media platforms that gear towards job opportunities. Check out LinkedIn or Facebook Groups.

  3. Give it your All

    Technique: Attach additional information to your application or emailRecruiters will confirm the truth, you have to meet the minimum requirements and then have extra qualifications. Give it your all. When sending in that application, it cannot hurt to attach extra documents to give you a leg up the game. Applications are nothing without a resume, licenses, cover letter, transcripts, and reference letters, list of recommenders. It cannot hurt to add a little extra.

  4. Be Confidant

    Technique: Prepare yourself to give it your all.
    Try: Job recruiters and local job agenciesJobs come and go but it’s really up to you to not give up and to know your worth. Whether it’s the application process or interview, never falter to your desperation of wanting the position. Come in strong and come out even stronger. Too many times do people come into an interview nervous and walk out upset at themselves. Have confidence that you deserve it and if you need help, there are organizations to help you. Take a workshop on perfecting your interview skills. Hire professionals to help you with your resume or cover letter. There are ways to go about this if you have the confidence to fight for it. Some come prepared and confident.