Everybody needs a job. People with no experience at all can join as a fresher in a variety of positions. People who are already having a job are working day and night to get promotions and increment. But, some companies do not recognise their old employees. Thus, they look for a new job. The change in job gives rise to better prospect in a career. Thus, people always look for job search and application process it is always important to stay connected to the job recruiters. They are the ones with whom a variety of vacancies remain. They need candidates to fit in the right position.

Types of job recruiters

Usually, we can come across five categories of job recruiters. Following are their list of recruiters:


Job Recruiters

  • Contingency recruiters- They are the recruitment agency which is also known as outsourcing They provide full time and part-time employees to each company. They take the vacancies and order for recruitment from the big companies. The contingency job recruiters are responsible for initial screening, interview and recruitment of candidates.
  • Corporate/ in-house recruiters- These recruiters are the full-time employees of the corporate houses or companies. These companies have their in-house recruitment team who conducts interviews and other recruitment formalities. They have their vacancies within their private Thus, candidates are called directly for recruitment in their organization.
  • Outplacement recruiters- These recruiters help the displaced, downsized riffed employees. Some companies wish to maintain goodwill and help the society with the unemployment Thus, they hire an out-placement recruiter for recruiting candidates.
  • Retained recruiters- Another type of job recruiter is named ‘retained recruiters’. Here the retained recruiters work for corporates whom they called client companies. They are just like the contingency recruiters. Only difference over here is that the client company pays a fixed amount to the retained recruiters. They work well for the big positions like CEO, CFO etc.
  • Temp recruitment agency- These are the temporary recruitment agencies who will grab the candidates as soon as the candidates show interest in their job portal. They normally recruit for a limited period. There is a contract in which the candidate needs to sign before getting recruited. Once the term is completed, the candidate needs to find a job again.

Job Search Advanced Techniques

People wish to secure their future. A bright career with the right job is an important consideration. How will you get your suitable job? It is not required to have the reference for any relatives to get into your job. Today, the internet has made everything very easy. The Job Search Networking is one of the best ways. Sometimes, you may even find a stranger help you with a proper job. There are different types of networking which uses or does not use the internet as a medium. People with a social mindset are widely benefitted here.

People are constantly searching for the new job. Even if they have a job, the present option might not be satisfactory. This can be a reason for a job change. The freshers from colleges are constantly looking for new jobs. But, how can they search for a job? During the previous days, people used to enrol in employment exchange. But, that takes a huge time to get an interview call. After that, the job consultancies came into existence. The process of getting the job has been a little faster. Today, there much more Job Search Advanced Techniques.

List of Job search techniques

How to get connected to job recruiters?

Professional media site

Just like the social media sites, there are professional sites where the employers and employees of a different organization can get connected. If you too can open an account over there and do networking with various professionals, getting connected to recruiters and getting job will be easy. They must participate in any type of discussions related to industry and professional field.

Job portals online

Today, the candidates don’t have to depend on the consultancies or any other source. They can search their jobs on their own. The advanced techniques will help you get the job easily. There are various online portals which are designed exclusively for job search and candidates seeking. Both the candidates and employers operate to find each other. To get noticed by an employer, you have to upload the resume at first. The companies or employers will reach your profile and call up or send an email if you are the right candidate.

Employers website

Today, each company has their website. There are various options on the website. ‘Career/ Job opportunity’ will be a category which you can consider. There is a form which you have to fill up with the right information on your educational qualification and job experience details. This can be one of the Job Search Advanced Techniques which you can easily consider. This will be a direct approach to the organization. Naturally, the scope of getting a call will be high if they have a vacancy.

Market yourself

It is always important to market yourself if you wish to sell your service. There are different and alternative ways to market yourself. You can participate in online forums. There are discussions about several topics that are related to the job environment. Be active in this field. This will increase your existence in the web world. Naturally, some employers may offer you a job from there.

Professional networking

Just like social media, you can also get sites for professionals. There each one belonging to different job field shares their views. This is a platform for companies to promote their goods and services. Also, the employers directly post some jobs along with the email address of the concerned person. You can easily get a job from here through this Job Search Advanced Techniques.

Build network

Networking is one of the best ways of getting news of the present job in the employment industry. You can get various platforms where even the MD of big companies can be in your network. Try to add more people to your network. They also have their views. You must exchange your views with them to build a professional relationship. The vacancies in each company will be spelt out to you if they feel you have the potential. This is one of the Job Search Advanced Techniques which is accessed by more and more people.

Job search networking – formal type

You can easily develop a formal network through your professional network. All you must do is visit conferences, seminars, meetings that are taking place in your organization. That is the platform where you can exchange your business card. The person will always call you up once he has a job offer for you. Sometimes you may feel shy to interact with people in a business gathering. The best way to speak to them is sitting in the registration table. This is the place staying where you have to speak with people. Thus, the scope of Job Search Networking increases.

Job search networking – informal type

It is also possible to have a job search if you are in an informal atmosphere. The sources of such informal networking are through family, friends, college alumni, neighbours, conversation with an unknown person in a social occasion like a birthday party or wedding. This is the best way of getting the job leads. It is always important to keep in touch with your friends, relatives and your well-wishers. You never know who can offer you a good job option.

Social media networking

These days’ social media have become an important part of like. People discuss everything that is happening in their life. You can also increase the network by adding more and more people on your friend’s list. Speak to them personally through their inbox to build a good relationship. Get your suitable job options through this networking technique.

Web networking

You can also get a platform in the web world where only professional interact with one another. They discuss various topics related to their job field. Also, the representatives of a company, team leaders and shareholders do post their job requirement. You have to be a regular visitor to such professional networking sites. It is important to log in at least once in a day to boost the Job Search Networking.

Job search networking letter/email

Sometimes you can get the email address of higher officials working in a big corporate or MNC. The best way to approach them is through a letter. Email is the best medium to communicate with a person without disturbing him or her. Normally, they not like to take calls as their schedules remain too much busy. But, if you have shot an email, the individual from the other side will reply to the email whenever he or she is free.

The step by step Job Application Process for employment

You must have seen few vacancies in the newspaper and internet job portal. This makes you excited. What is the first step that you initiate? Job application is the word that must strike your mind. Some of the candidates get direct entry to the interview board, but maximum people are eliminated at the first step. Do you know the reason? It is just because the some of them has followed the proper Job application process, but the others have not. We are going to find out the steps in the popular Job application process.

Steps in the job application process

  1. Prepare the resume

The first step of the job application process is ‘resume making’. You must prepare it in the latest format providing all the details of your academic qualification, job experience, recognition/ awards, key skills, statement of thought etc. If you are not aware of the right format and technique of resume preparation, get it done by a professional resume maker.

  1. Cover letter

Just a resume may not be enough. It is important to get a cover letter as well. These days most of the employers prefer getting the job application through email. Thus, you must create a cover letter in a word document. Then copy and paste it into the email body with the attachment of the resume. If the employer asks for the hard copy of the application, get the print out of a cover letter as well as the resume. Staple them together with a passport size picture and send it to the official address within a formal envelope.

  1. Application form

Some employers or the company has their online application form. There will be filed for the name, address, educational qualification, job experience, etc. The employer or the company will be needed all the details in the field as mentioned in the form.  They would like you to attach the resume with the same. The employer will cross check the details in both forms as well as the resume.

  1. Job Portals

You can now get several online job portals where you can post your resume. The job recruiters will connect with you easily once they get your profile online. It is important to update your profile on a regular basis so that the recruiters can get it among the top list. This is one of the best ways to get jobs and vacancies frequently. You can easily change your job as you need. Job portals have become a new platform for both job searchers and job givers.

The Internet is filled with different type of job portals and job hunter. Unemployed citizens are continuously busy in searching for their dream jobs over the internet. Job portals are always proved good ideas for job hunters they spend a good time of their day in searching for jobs on job portals. Job portals are not only limited to some typical area, but its benefits are spread all over the world. Everyone knows the condition of the different countries, many countries are suffering unemployment, and the citizens of those countries are continuously busy in searching jobs on job portals. In this case, job portals are proved beneficial in setting up the careers of different job seekers.

Different types of jobs are available on the job portals. You have unlimited choices but your qualification and skills should match that particular job requirement. If you are applying for the job without matching its requirements, you are surely wasting your time. While jobs portals have many benefits but their greatest benefits received by job hunters is that they can apply for free for the jobs. There are of course few job portals which charge you money or demand membership, but most of them are free of cost. This is the great advantage for the job seekers.

  1. Application screening

When the employer receives the application, they would go for the screening of each application. If the organization is large and have received thousands of applications for the same position, the screening cannot be done manually. In addition, the recruiters have software that helps them to go ahead with the ultimate screening procedure. This is known as the applicant tracking software or ATS. This will reject all the applications that are not up to the mark.

  1. Personal interview

Once the application is screened, the next step is calling the shortlisted candidates for the personal interview. Here, you will get a scope to express yourself to the employer. Some employers agree to conduct a telephonic round of interview if you are from a different city. Normally, the interviewers prefer a candidate for the face to face interview. Further, along with the verbal question and answer, the employer also checks the body language as well as the expression of the candidate. The confidence level and weakness are also accessed in this process.