This guide consists of the complete interview guide, basic facts or interview techniques to get a job. This guide explains the preparation for interviews, sample questions and answers and follow-up techniques. Companies conduct interviews with the candidates before recruiting them. The different company adopts a different process for recruitment. It is important to know about several interview techniques. There are group discussions when too many candidates are involved. The formal meetings are conducted in various organizations. A personal interview is conducted where general questions are asked. Some employers also asked some technical questions. The stress interviews are also conducted somewhere.

Interview guide for getting through hiring


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Not all candidates get success in an interview. There are several ways through which you can easily create a positive mark over the mind of a recruiter. They will consider you if you can follow these interview techniques.

Preparation of interview

Everybody wishes to get a secured job. Some of you are fresher with the aim of getting a job. Another group of people already have a job. But, they want a change for better career prospect. Regardless of the status, interview preparation will be a must for all of you. Just the way you prepare yourself before appearing for an exam, the interview also need a good rehearsal and knowledge boost to get success. Remember, each candidate attending an interview for the same position are your competitor. You must do better than all. In this article, we will speak about some interview preparation techniques.

It is very important to get yourself prepared for the interview in which you are going to sit. There are several questions which you will come across at the time of interview. First of all the interviewer will ask you about yourself. You must state about your personal as well as professional aspects. Some tricky questions will be asked as well. Go ahead with the research of such questions and its answers.

Tips for Interview preparation

  • Job requirement

It is always better to study about the Job for which you will sit for an interview. Does the job requirement at par with your skills and knowledge? It is always important to have a look at the job description. You need to find out what the employer is seeking in a candidate. See whether their requirements match your qualification and skill level.

  • Know about the company

You must know about the company very well where you are going to sit for an interview. Luckily or with your potential, if you get the job, the company should not be totally unknown to you. Also, while interviewing, the employer may ask you about their company. That time, you must be ready with the answer.

  • Interview outfit

Dress code is an important factor while you are attending an interview in a company. It is always better to get a formal wear. Some of you may think that the dress code may not matter when you are going to attend an interview in a casual environment like a restaurant, garden etc. But this is totally a wrong concept. You must wear formal as well as tidy dress in all environment.

  • Interview practice

You can easily practice interview at home before attending for a real one. All you must do is make a list of questionnaires. Now, hand over the sheet of question paper to a friend who will act as your boss. He will ask the questions and you must answer by assuming him your boss and not your friend.  Repeat this practice several times. Ask your friend about your performance in each of the interview session. Ask him to give your marks.

  • Interview kits

Some of you must be confused about what to bring in an interview session. It is very important to note that each job has a different requirement within an interview session. For example, if you have come to apply for the position of a photographer, the interview kit must include your portfolio with images you shot. In some general office interview, you must bring a resume and 2 stamp size and passport size picture. Always keep a writing pad and a pen.

  • Etiquette in an interview

Before appearing for an interview, there are certain interview etiquettes which you need to follow. You must be very polite while speaking with the interviewers. The employer will watch your body language. Always shake your hand with the interviewer before you leave the interview session.

  • Video and audio recording

It is very important to hear and see yourself while you are answering a question while practising for an interview at home. For this, you can get the record option of your mobile on.  Alternatively, put a visual camera which will record your visuals while you are sitting or answering the interview questions. Once it is done just see the video and audio. You will be able to rectify your faults.

  • Proper dress code

When you are going for a job interview, it is very important to have a proper dress code. It is always advisable to wear formal attire while facing the interview. This will be true for both male and female. This will be different according to the trend and culture of each region, state or country.

  • Gesture as interview technique

You must know the body language which you need to follow while attending an interview. It is always good to give a big smile after entering the interview room. Shake hand with the interviewer wile wishing hello, good afternoon, good morning or good evening.

  • Body language

It is very important to know about the body language which is acceptable while facing the interview. It is always good to arrive 10 minutes early to the interview venue. This will give a positive impression. While you sit in front of the interviewer, never sit by crossing your legs. Also, never cross your hand or fold your arms. Sit in relax way by putting your feet parallel to the ground. Keep your hand over the table. Speck in a natural way just the way you speak outside.

The above mentioned are some of the techniques that you need to follow. If you can abide by all these, cracking an interview and getting recruited to the said organization will be quite easy. Along with the tactful answer to the interview questions, the body language and attire is vital too.

Interview Sample FAQ

How do you prepare yourself before facing an interview? It is obvious that the interview session will include a set of question and answers. Normally, either one or a group of interviewers sits in front of the candidate and ask him or her several questions. This way they analyse whether the candidate is fit for the position. Naturally, each of you willing to get success in the interview must follow the interview sample Q & A.

Top list of interview questionaries’ with answers

Q 1.  Give me your introduction/ say something about yourself

Here you must introduce yourself with your name, place of stay and qualification. You must state in brief about your family background and your experience in your previous job.

Q.2.  What goals do you wish to achieve in the future?

This is a tricky question which the interviewer asks to find out whether you are going to stay in his company for a long time or will you move upon after getting a better opportunity. The best way to tackle the question is to state that, you are a job settlement right now.

Q.3. Why should we hire you?

This is a very flat question for the employer to know the benefit he can achieve by hiring you. State about all the qualities you have which will qualify yourself as a suitable employee for this position. You must be confident in stating it along with sales pitch.

Q.4. What are your strengths?

Here again, the employer wishes to know your qualities. It is good to cite an example from your previous job where you have achieved a fruitful result. You must mention your behavioural trait such as honesty, dedication, hard work etc that helped you to get such achievement.

Q.5 What is your weakness?

This is a tricky question which may define whether the candidate fits for the corporate atmosphere or not. Different people have different weaknesses. For example, some of the candidates are very emotional and start reacts now and then. There is another group who takes more time to complete a task, etc. It is better to tell truth to the employer. At least, he will understand that you are honest.

Q.6 Why did you think of leaving your previous job?

This is where the interviewer expects some negative marking of the previous organization where you have been working. But, since you worked there and still working, you should not utter a wrong remark for it. And you never know, if you are not selected here, the previous company will be your destiny. In such a situation always speak positively about the previous company. State that the reason for your change is your better career prospect.

Q.7. Why do you wish to join us?

This is a continuation of your previous answer. You must say that you have studied the profile of this company where you are interviewed. The contribution of the company to the society has impressed you a lot. Also, you have a desire to work with it as a team to serve towards society’s and mankind’s betterment.

Interview Follow-up

Follow up is an important aspect in every field. Whether it is about customizing sales lead or getting interview result, follow-up is a must. This is a reminder to the other person so that he completes the process soon. The interview follows-ups play a vital role for each candidate appearing for the interview. This will give you a clear idea on whether you are selected for the position or not.

Follow-up after interview

After completing your interview session, you must be anxiously waiting for the result. Everyone wishes a positive outcome. But, not everyone gets success in getting the appointment letter. But, you need to know whether you will be considered by the employer or not. To know this, every candidate must go for an interview follow-up. You cannot just call up the company and ask the question. Rather, you must be humble and graceful in such a situation.