We all start our graduate school with excitement and look for opportunities and career options. And then, god knows where those three or four years of completing graduation disappear. Just like the life after the high school takes a huge turn, managing the life after a completing graduation can be equally or even tougher. The end of those three or four years is no less than the end of an era. We make a completely different world of ourselves in that period and then, it’s over. All we end up wondering is ‘what next”, unless and until you have a long-cherished dream towards which you are dedicate since your childhood.

So, there can be a lot of different ways when it comes to the career after graduate school. From enrolling in a postgraduate course to starting your own business, finding a graduate job or simply travel the world to prepare yourself, you have a whole lot of options. What matters is the choices that you make for yourself and how well you stick to the decisions that you make.

It is always good to make plans and being self-assured as to what would you do to lead a good life. The path that you choose for yourself will somewhere decide your future and that’s why it is important to make the most out of every moment you have. The other most important thing is to stay dedicated towards your plans. Or, if you are all set, let’s get started.  Keeping it simple, here are some ways to pick the right route to a career after graduate school.


Getting a job right after your schooling is difficult. An internship is the best way to start your career after completion of your bachelors or master’s degree. It provides you with a platform to learn and train in big companies. An internship can also connect to the influential person or your dream company. Most of the graduates find an internship as the method to sharpen their skills and to prepare for the dream career. In addition, an internship is very easy to find compared to a real high paying job. The companies prefer to get an intern to learn more about the person and get a mutual understanding.

Benefits of Internship:

An internship is an opportunity available to students in high schools and even in any of the job-oriented course. This gives enough exposure to a student before getting into the real job world. You will get all types of practical experience in the field. If a student is going through an internship in high school, he will be highly motivated with the job culture and the working environment. There are many challenges which we may not feel while studying the theory in the classroom. The internship will train you to face all such situation tactfully.


While you are into an internship program, you get an opportunity to attend the seminars, meeting and conference of the same company. Naturally, you meet many people. You are directly connected to professionals and owners of the other companies. You can also acquire references. As a result, you get an opportunity of getting job exposure soon after completing the internship.


networking career

Exposure to the professional environment

When you are studying in a college or an institute, you don’t know how the professional environment looks like. But, when you are doing an internship, it is done in a company or an office. Thus, you get to know how a professional environment is. You can easily view how exactly does the person in the job environment work? This is one of the Internships Importance and Options for your consideration.

Time management

An internship can teach you many good habits. For example, while you are at home or college, you might not know how the time is important. You even used to ignore the timeline. But, once you are doing a task in a job atmosphere, you must abide by the timeline as the next job must be done in the next schedule. There are deadlines in an internship program which you need to abide.

Resume upgrades

When you apply for an internship, the college makes a very basic resume of yours and send it across to the concerned person. But, when you are doing your internship, the manager or a senior under whom you are learning will tell you the gaps and flaws in the resume which you are already holding. Thus, this will help you make your resume strong and effective.

Other Internship option

When you are studying for your degree program or a professional course, you get internship options. Means it is optional. You may or may not take this. But, if you really wish to make your resume strong after passing out from your college, take up this internship option. This will be an added benefit. If you are a fresher, this will work not less than a job experience. Some of you have an impression that spending 3 to 6 months in doing internship can elongate the course or program. But, while doing this you will be working on the real project. Thus, your career prospect will be quite high. Getting a job will be easier as well.

Get enrolled in Post-Graduation:

If you take on to a postgraduate course just for the sake of it, don’t do that. It will be nothing but the sheer wastage of your time and life will just sound like what it sounding after graduate school, clueless, confusing. However, if you are completely sure of what you plan to do, for instance, excelling in a specific field, then post-graduation is a good move. You can take your time before actually committing to study further for two more years.

Travel Gap Year:

The concept of a gap year in western culture is very popular to travel around or learn about the various culture before they actually start their career. There are many popular gap year destination where one can explore the real life. For example, the famous cheap travel destinations are Asian countries such as India, Thailand, South East Asia, China, Japan, Korea etc. Some people take a euro trip to enhance their cultural learnings.

Educational Gap year:

Education gap year is preferred by most of the students to explore the world and travel around. There are many ways to get the scholarship and travel at the same time. Also, many countries offer short courses and scholarships. Some of the famous destinations are Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan etc.

Short Courses:

There are many short courses that can enhance your opportunities to land your dream job. If you are studying in a general subject and want to get a specific job then it is required to get a relevant short course. You can also choose some online courses that are relevant or enhance your career. Some of the websites provide online courses with certification also. For example, coursera.org, udemy etc.


It is one of the good options after your graduation to start with a volunteering job for a non-profit or an organization with the cause. Volunteering on your resume can reflect a good image of your career start. Volunteering can be in any sector such as development, child care, environment etc.

Starting a blog:

The latest trend is getting a blog and start to build your passive income source. Building a blog takes time but after 1 year, you will be interested to make it more popular. If you want to know more about how to start a blog from scratch, you can check this website Yourupstart

Temporary Part-Time Job:

A part-time job is a good option to earn your bread and continue with your life until you find a permanent job. There are many part-time jobs that you can get without any hard skill requirements.

Accomplish Goals:

Having a bachelor or master degree will lead to a good job but it is necessary to accomplish other goals that you dreamt about. For example, sports, hobbies etc. Sometimes your education and your hobbies don’t match.

Prepare while taking a gap:

This is also a good option for those, who want to take their quality time before they give a permanent commitment to any career path. In that case, you can also opt for freelancing while traveling. In fact, that is the dream of many folks out there. Work and travel! Meanwhile, keep contemplating what you want from life.

What about self-employment or start-up:

In this case, you need to be extremely sure of your decision. Why, because undoubtedly while self-employment brings you comfort, it also comes with huge responsibilities. Yes, it is fun to be your own boss, but at the same time, you’ll have to keep tossing yourself between multiple things like marketing, managing, accounts and much more.

Getting a job of interest:

This seems to be the easier one, but getting a job of interest can be tough. Many times, people have to compromise to do what they don’t wish to. And that’s the reason they find themselves unable to deliver quality results. So, if you plan to take a job after your graduate school, take a pause and then take a wise decision. Remember, in this case, you should not take that long gap which creates a trouble on your resume or CV. Be careful!

General Career Options


professional career

Normally, studies go with the general studies if they don’t have any thought of getting professional expertise. There was a time when everybody used to go ahead with the general studies degree. They were not aware of the job-oriented courses. People used to get deployed to various companies and industries after completing their general studies. But today, the life has become tough. The competition among people arose as well. Thus, the Career Options with general studies may not be that effective. Thus, the experts in academics have designed the courses in a different way. The degree can be designed with perfect customized outlay.  This will include various academic discipline. Yet, there are many career options even if you have studied in a general line.

List of career option after general studies

  1. Administrative assistant

This is such a position where you don’t have to develop specialized skill. The task of the administrative assistant pay differed from one organization to another. But, this is basically the clerical job which an individual with a general graduate degree can comply. You can belong to any stream.

  1. Content writer

For many of you, this is a new concept. But the position and the job profile exist years before. That was the time when people were not that computer and internet savvy. A content writer several articles, website contents, reports as well as news. But the position holder must have a good hold over the English language. This is one of the career options with general studies. Generally, the individuals with Maters and specialization in English are considered.

  1. English Teacher

Teaching English is very good options for people with general studies at their graduation. You can teach anywhere for example, in a school, teach online, English teaching center etc. You can build your complete career as an English teacher after your graduation, however, you need teaching credentials if you are looking to work as a professional.

  1. Accounting

Even in general studies, there are different specializations and stream. The students with the commerce background can be considered for this position. The accountant must have vivid knowledge about the finance. Thus, the students from the commerce background are very well considered here. Along with the basics of accounts, the person must know about some effective strategies.

  1. Brand manager

Every business that sells products and services require the proper branding. People must know about the name of the company. Thus, several marketing events are organized. The brand managers have various subordinates working under him. This can be one of the career options with general studies. But, this has much more improvised form. Some newly developed strategies and techniques must be used.

  1. Software consultant

An individual has to complete his high school and graduation in general studies. But, after that, the person has to go ahead with a technical course/boot camps or online course to get your footstep into software development. The person needs to have the technical expertise. This is such a profile that has a great demand in the market. Today, people are too much inclined to gadgets. The new applications and websites must work well.

There are many more career options with general studies that can employ many unemployed educated people.  This will boost the profitability of a business. You can start from a low position initially. Then you can get higher positions.