Interview Followups is an important aspect of every field. Whether it is about customizing sales lead or getting interview result, follow-up is a must. This is a reminder to the other person so that he completes the process soon. The interview followups play a vital role for each candidate appearing for the interview. This will give you a clear idea of whether you are selected for the position or not.

Interview Followups

After completing your interview session, you must be anxiously waiting for the result. Everyone wishes a positive outcome. But, not everyone gets success in getting the appointment letter. But, you need to know whether you will be considered by the employer or not. To know this, every candidate must go for an interview followups. You cannot just call up the company and ask the question. Rather, you must be humble and graceful in such a situation.

How to follow up after an interview?

There is a step by step process of knowing your interview result. Following are the steps:

  • You must write a thank you note to the interviewer.
  • If there is more than one person, it is good to write thank you letter to each one of them.
  • The thank you note is again categorised into two. One is the formal way and the other one is informal. The formal thanks you note can be given a letter or an official email. An informal letter or a chat message from email chat services or mobile app can be an informal thank you note.

A sample for thank you letter

You must have heard about thank you letter. But, most of you don’t know how to write it. An example will make it very clear. Following is a sample:


Dear Ms/Mr xyz( last name)

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I further learned about your position in the company. Most of the employee and staff members appreciated your contribution towards the company. I was glad to know the same.

Our conversation created clarity of my interest to become a part of your organization. I am confident with my experience to fulfill your job requirement.

I thank you for interviewing me with patience and rejoice. Please feel free to contact me for any more information. I thank you again for your cooperation towards me during the interview session.


Your name


Which is the best time for interview followups?

There is also a specific time when you must write the thank you letter or a note to the employer. During the interview, the hiring managers will let you know at the specific time. They will say that with 1 day, 2 weeks or a month, they will finish up with the selection process. Now, you must wait until the time arrives. Even for the thank, you letter you must wait till the time. It is always good to wait or a day before the result arrives. You never know, you may get the selection. Even then say thank you for getting the sum,