As they say, it is always good to have plan A, plan B, plan C, maybe D as well and so on. Just as life never stops, a human’s brain never stops thinking as well. Hence, it’s never a bad idea to think about doing something new and take the next move. Whether it’s a change in your career, or a thought to stick to the field that you are in, the decision should be fun. So, here we bring you a lowdown on some of 2018 trending careers choices. The list is just meant to give you an idea so that you can choose what you want and how to get it before somebody else jumps on it.

But before we start the list, one thing aspirants always need to remember is that your choices make you stand apart from the crowd. Whenever you plan to do something and dedicate yourself to get it done, that idea starts trending.  Once you wind up this article, any option that you decide on, ensure that you have a vision for that job. Alright, let’s get started!


Trending Careers Infographics

Trending Careers – The creative sector:

Why this category needs to mentioned before anything else is because it’s true. The creative boom in World is emerging as one of influential change.. Be it personal blogging, YouTubers, start-ups and a lot more; this sector has carved its niche in the financial liberty zone. If you are not working for yourself as an entrepreneur, there are other creative fields which you expertise and work as a freelancer. In short, the hiring process is also directing towards the creative Thus, if you have a creative approach that is ordinarily done by others, don’t bother, your future is secure in 2018 and beyond.

The latest trending careers or jobs in the creative segment are of the social media manager, youtube channels, travel bloggers, general bloggers etc. In the internet era, people can earn globally working from any local location with an internet connection. One friend of mine back in 2004, started few blogs in general category. During that period, people promote their businesses through these blogs by paying $10 to $50 for reviewing any product or business. In return, the businesses get exposure and a backlink for ranking higher in Google. The blogging professional was a great start of the career, but to expand your career, you need to go further with social media marketing, search engine optimization and many more online careers.

  • Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing is very trending careers or jobs and it is a daily routine in our life. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp almost every day of our life. Most of the businesses are looking for people to promote on social media. The social media is good for the people who love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Promoting on social media is also easy to work if you know the concept of viral marketing. Have you ever thought about why you love some videos or contents on Facebook? It is because the content or the videos are created to promote businesses or to create a viral message.

Education Qualification Required: General undergraduate or graduate

Salary: $60000 – $100000

  • Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is a very trending job since the past ten years with the boom of Information Technology (IT) industry. It is similar to social media marketing but covers various other aspects of online digital marketing such as search engine optimization, paid advertisements cost per click or cost per impression (Google Adwords Expert). There are many digital marketing jobs available on the market. However, you can also work as a freelancer with your digital marketing knowledge.

Education Qualification Required: General undergraduate or graduate

Salary: $60000 – $100000

  • Data Scientist and Analyst

Data analyst are people who work with number and manage big data. With a growing number of software companies and data, companies are in need of data analyst to manage all these terabytes of data.

Education Qualification Required: Software Engineer / Data Analyst undergraduate or graduate

Salary: $90000 – $150000

  • Fitness trainer:

    Among the categories of 2018 trending careers, this one is highly in demand. From being a freelancer fitness trainer to working in a fitness centre, this one profession is not going away anytime soon. With people becoming more and more health conscious, the demand for a fitness trainer is increasing day-by-day. So, if you too are addicted to staying well and healthy, this is your call. It’s a perfect move to be a professional, who can help people maintain their fitness regime and get paid for it.

Education Qualification Required: General undergraduate or graduate with fitness training certification

Salary: $50000 – $80000

  • The financial advisor:

    Although the world is becoming a super genius, the fact is that mathematics calculations are not everyone’s cup of tea. Everyone wants to invest though. So, if all this is true, the idea of becoming a personal financial advisor comes to a genius only. As per a survey conducted in the US, personal financial advisors demand in the market is about to grow as much as 30 per cent by the end of 2022.

Education Qualification Required: MBA Finance graduate / MBA or Masters in Finance

Salary: $100000 – $130000

  • IT Engineers:

    Computer Software Engineer or IT Engineers are too not going anywhere. Why, because we live in a digital space and these software engineers make sure that the digital world works perfectly. This field has many things to offer that we use daily such as smartphones, laptops, software, games and many other digital products. This one field has become the base of every other working field all across the world. So, if you are interested in doing engineering and then finding a job in this sector, go ahead!

Education Qualification Required: Information Technology undergraduate or graduate or Software Engineer

Salary: $80000 – $140000

  • Healthcare professional: 

Healthcare is always an evergreen career to pursue. Doctors, Pharmacist, nursing are amongst the top jobs worldwide. There are challenges in this field. However, one can earn a lot of money in helping people in this field. One has to study and practise for many years to attain expertise in the healthcare field.


Education Qualification Required: Doctor of Medicine or Nursing Certification

Salary: $90000 – $200000

  • Environment/Sustainability:

Climate change is a major concern in today’s world. Most of the countries, the private sector, and people are considering environmental issues as a global issue and require mitigation. From electric cars to solar-powered devices, everyone is trying best to use alternate energy. There many career options with environmental experts such as scientist, researchers and a private company employee.

Education Qualification Required: Environmental undergraduate or graduate

Salary: $50000 – $90000

  • Content Writer:

With many websites emerging day by day, there is a huge demand for a content writer who knows SEO, writing for websites and blogs. This is a very trending career, and everyone who has good writing skills can work as a freelancer or in a company.

Education Qualification Required: General undergraduate or graduate

Salary: $50000 – $70000

  • Sales or Marketing:

Sales is an evergreen career option where companies require good salesperson. A good salesman is always respected and knows his or her job very well.

Education Qualification Required: General undergraduate or graduate or MBA Marketing

Salary: $50000 – $100000

  • Investment Banking:

Investment banking or financial forecasting analyst is a very respected and highly paid job. A financial planner and forecaster are always in demand and in the bucket list of trending careers. This profession is good for people who are good with numbers or maths.

Education Qualification Required: MBA finance

Salary: $100000 – $200000

Industry highly paid freelancing jobs

The job has become a necessity in life. Due to the inflationary trend in the economy, every 3 out of 5 family members are working. But, all are not satisfied with the present profile. One of the reasons behind it is low pay. Thus, they look for high paying freelancing jobs. The higher education and degrees are induced by getting a job that pays high. We will now discuss the High Paying Freelancing Job Profiles or trending careers in this article. These jobs are also based on its demand by employers every year.

Freelancing Online Social Media Jobs

Love being on the internet! Why don’t you try these Social Media Jobs?

Most of the jobs and workplaces always are like, “yes boss”, “Okay boss”, “right boss”. They say the boss is always right, but we don’t know that almost every one of you out there, won’t agree to what they say…

What if there is a workplace, which is right in front of the favourite window of your home, or your favourite coffee shop? Imagine! You are your own boss, setting your own deadlines and doing your work your own way. Well, that’s a dream of every one of us. So if you love staying glued to the internet that can be a good deal for you. Yet, you can get paid for snapping away and scrolling through Instagram stories and much more.

Social media is a world in itself and the world of the web comes with numerous possibilities to earn a good living. All you need to do is to surf in the right direction.

A data from an online survey says that following Social Media Jobs can not only get you rid of the 9-to-5 work schedules but also provide a chance to connect with the world.

  • Online marketing:

This is one of the highly opted Social Media Jobs. Why, because the internet has created a storm when it comes to the marketing of a product or a brand. So, the demand of a skilful marketing manager is equally high. The work is to run ad campaigns at various platforms like magazines, newspaper and billboards among others. All you need a bachelor’s degree.

  • Copywriter:

The idea is to deliver engaging content for social media. The more perfect your copy promotes a brand, the more your skill enhances as a copywriter. All you need to be the master of the language you are writing in, preferably English.

  • Graphic designer:

Social media content is always incomplete without pictures. So, here comes the role of a graphic designer, who creates creative images using software like Photoshop and others. Illustrations in the form of GIFs and Cinemagraphs are most commonly used in social media posts.

  • Art director:

All the imagery that you see in the ad campaigns that run on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube is the brain of an art director. He/she gives vision to the creative promotion of a brand.

  • Picture and video editor:

Social media platforms are flooded with videos and we can say that these platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube are always going to show us more and more videos. Give it a thought.

  • Public relations:

To monitor the promotion of a product, brands are always going to need PR teams. The work is to create and share press releases and press hits on various social media sites.

  • Online research analyst:

A research analyst is responsible to study the conditions of the market in order to estimate the survival chances of a product or service, Today, social media has become the biggest platform to conduct such researches and, every brand before launching any of its product on the market, prefers to undergo a research to evaluate its potential buyers.

 Top high paying trending careers, jobs and profiles 2018-2019

  1. Social media manager

In the recent years, social media has become quite popular. Even companies are using this platform to promote their products and services. Social media manager will deal with branding and promotion of the company also its durables in various social media sites. Since this platform is quite new, the candidates with less than 10 years of experience are available for this profile. Any graduate with little knowledge of social media will be considered.

  1. Relationship therapists

There are different types of profiles that pays high in the corporate world. You must be hearing this name for the first time. It is the trending career which is the extension of psychologists. These days, the troubles among the couples have increased. The relationship therapists are meant to sort out such a bitter relationship.

  1. SEO analysts

Every organization has the web presence. The marketing technique is no more conventional these days. The door to door marketing is no more acceptable. Digital marketing is a great way of promoting the business and organization. SEO analysts help in promoting the website of each company to the top position of the search result.

  1. Product manager in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector

Today, FMCG sector is quite demanding. The job prospect in this sector has increased. The managers in traditional FMCG sectors must reach the consumers. But, the Product managers need reskilling these days as the way of operation has changed. The FMCG industry got its space in e-commerce. There is a good connection with the social media. In such a profile the product managers get the salary hike of 30 – 35 per cent.

  1. Digital architect

Employees in online profiles always have great demand. This is also the fastest growing field within the economy. Normally, an architect of an enterprise has the duty to shape different clients need. Similarly, a digital architect needs to operate in the field of web technologies. They are aware of all technical help. They integrate SCM, ERP, eCommerce etc. People with this profile must know Spring, Java, Log4g, NET, J2EE etc. People with experience of 10 years in this field are paid high.